Gur (Jaggery) Lassi in Chandni Chowk

Delightful and totally refreshing…

must try lassi in chandni chowk delightful lassi

So it happened again with me, a true customer delight moment and the build up to it had all the ingredients of a classic customer delight moment as described in management books. First, the visit to this particular joint was totally unplanned, out of ignorance as I was not even aware of its existence. Second expectations from the place were minimal.


I felt nervous excitement building, leading up to the moment of truth and when truth surpassed all expectations I was left with a delightful refreshing experience.


Jagdish Narayan Pandey…..unknown gem in Chandni chowk


Unknown lassi gem in chandni chowk delhi look out for this board

This place is not even a hole in the wall, it is just a wall and do not blame yourselves for having walk past without noticing it. There is nothing in the physical decor of the place to draw your attention, its very missable and working literally and figuratively in the shadows of two famous neighbours Giani Di Hatti  with whom it shares the same wall and separated from Kake di Hatti by a shop.


But do not go by the humbleness of the joint, it is a setup, no its actually perfect coverup to hide or at least delay the discovery of a Lassi gem, but the secret is now out in the open.


Must try the Gur (jaggery) lassi

must try the gur lassi

The gur lassi is served in a kulhad (earthen glass) and that always works for me. Let me admit, I am a little biased towards earthen pots and leaf plates and would add five points to the overall experience just for this. Any way coming to the lassi……it is a good sized helping for Rs 70/- and can be a complete meal for a single person and a very satisfying experience for a couple after a meal.

The lassi is off white in colour owing obviously to the gur (jaggery) as a replacement for sugar and floating on top is one of the most luscious and creamy blob of yoghurt fat. The Lassi texture is perfect, the right balance of thickness making it eminently drinkable and refreshing at the same time.

Come to think of it Lassi is a very simple drink… is after all just whipped up yughurt, water and sugar, can anything be simpler and yet some places can elevate this simple concoction to levels that one is left wondering about the secrets. The secret at Jagdish Pandey is the high and non negotiable quality of yoghurt used in the lassi, it is made in house always and never sourced from outside to keep a strict check on quality of the final product.


Rabri faluda and Lassi at Giani di Hatti….

Giani di hatti serves a good lassi in chandni chowk lassi at Gianni’s

Sharing the wall with Jagdish Narayan Pandey (or should it be said the other way around) is Gianni di Hatti, a well known highly venerated place, both lassi and specially for rabri faluda.


The lassi at Gianni’s is also good, no doubt and the helping is even larger than Jagdish Pandey at Rs 80/- with cream. Its a classic lassi white in colour and has a slight sour tang to it imparted no doubt by the yughurt. The popularity of the place is evident in the long lines in front of the shop and I am sure the place has a loyal following for their kind of lassi. Being fair to Gianni di hatti let me add that I might have been a victim of diminishing marginal returns before I judge the places because I tasted at Gianni’s after having tasted the Gur lassi……still if I have to pick a winner that would be the Gur Lassi at Jagdish Narain Pandey.

So I urge you to go ahead and try both and comment on which out of the two is your favourite.


Rabri faluda is not my cup of tea…

Gianni di hatti is famous for rabri faluda rabri faluda

I tried the much hyped Rabri faluda at Gianni di hatti and found it over hyped. There was nothing in the drink that makes it memorable, it was a confusing concept lacking in execution. The rabri is everything but creamy infact it is grainy and powdery, the faluda does nothing to add anything to the dish. The drink is saved by crushed ice which by providing the necessary liquidity and cooling makes the drink just about palatable.

So if you are at Gianni’s try the lassi instead, and if trying the faluda is on your bucket list go ahead to strike it off and be wiser on your next visit.



Location and how to reach

The most efficient and convenient way to reach is by taking the Delhi Metro, take the yellow line and get off at Chandni chowk. Both the establishments are located some 800 metres from the station.

Given the massive renovation taking place in Chandni chowk getting around even on foot has become a challenge so keep that in mind. Hoping for a speedy finish to the work leading to an improved experience in the near future.






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