Lassi at Balaji corner in Chandni Chowk

Lassi a creamy dreamy yoghurt drink……on the go

Creamy frothy yoghurt lassi in Chandni chowk Old Delhi
Creamy Lassi

Delhi loves its lassi, its everywhere, this creamy sweet and luscious yoghurt drink is immensely satisfying both as a fitting end to meals, or as a drink on its own. Outlets peddling this cooling drink mushroom out of no where during summers and then disappear when the weather eases. But irrespective of the time of year, if there is one area in Delhi where you are bound to find this concoction is Chandni chowk in old Delhi.


In Chandni chowk lassi does not make a seasonal occurrence and can be had anytime of the year. With so many Lassi options you are sure to be spoilt for choice in Chandni chowk, so whether you are a traditionalist and like the classic fare or a little adventurous with taste for something outlandish worry not as you are sure to find your desired Lassi fix.


Balaji lassi……very good maybe not the best

must try lassi if close to chandni chowk metro
Lassi rabri and milk all high quality



No wonder the standard of lassi in Chandni chowk is generally high, it has to be if one has to survive in the trade, what with myriad options in close proximity of each other and each option worth trying. In Chandni chowk there is heavy competition in lassi and there are many claimants for the title of the ‘best‘.



Balaji lassi a good value for money

By any standards the Lassi at Balaji corner is a of a good quality. It has exceptional taste, imparted no doubt by yoghurt that is of a high quality. It is rich, smooth and creamy and has the right consistency, striking a fine balance between too thick and too runny. It is served in earthen pot (kulhad) that enhances its flavour and visual appeal and given the size of the helping it is value for money at rs 40/-.


Balaji is a small hole in the wall shop with no seating, its located on the busy and extremely crowded Chandni chowk road. Come here to experience a good classic Lassi, satisfying and refreshing, do not expect a great overall experience. Since the outlet has no seating be prepared to have your Lassi standing on the pavement. During peak hours you may be required to display physical dexterity and the fine art of balancing your Lassi in the face of constant jostling for space.


But do not worry, the Lassi is over in 2 min… move on.



good value for money lassi, rabri and milk at balaji corner in chandni chowk
heavy on taste and light on wallet


Creamy and frothy….very tempting sight

Lassi in chandni chowk old Delhi, a big VFM for rs 40/-
Value for money


Must have if in Chandni chowk

So if you happen to be in Chandni chowk especially on a hot day and in mood for a cooler after a heavy meal of kebabs or parantha’s, then do try Lassi at Balaji. If you visit during winters you can sample their rabri or hot milk. The bottom line is, its a place for quick refreshing pit stop to charge yourselves…….on the go.


Location and how to reach


Most convenient and efficient way to reach is by taking Delhi Metro. Take the yellow line and get off at Chandni chowk metro station. Balaji corner is located on main Chandni chowk road which is a 5 min walk from metro station.


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