Tunday Kababee Aminabad Lucknow

Tunday Kababi….the name weighs heavy….

Its a definitely a very good mutton kebab. Its flavourful, succulent, juicy with a perfect texture both exterior and interior. And with Tunday’s signature Parantha its a great combination. The Kebabs at tunday have come to define the standards in kebabs a sort of Michelin star in the world of kebabs.


mutton galaoti kebebs at Tunday kebebi lucknow Mutton galouti kebabs



Harder than achieving no 1 spot is how do you stay there day after day year after year. In that context I can fully sympathise with Tunday Kababi, they have to be working extra hard just to meet the high expectations of patrons who visit them. They have defined the standard when it comes to kebabs and set the bar high and now they too have to pass the same scrutiny.


And they have passed the scrutiny every time I have eaten at Tunday kababi, thanks to a technique and process that has been codified and ensures no deviation from the established norm. The spice mix of Tundays legendary galouti kabab is rumoured to have more than 100 spices including sandalwood and some other very exotic one’s.

There are many outlets of Tunday kababi in Lucknow and keeping pace with the expansion of the city and demands of its patron the kabab joints can be found in some of the leading malls of the city. If you are short on time and do not have the courage to face the chaos of old Lucknow then you are better off visiting one of the outlets in newer parts of the town, but for the real thing and a more authentic experience visit the Chowk or Aminabad outlets.




Tunday kababi aminabad doing brisk business



Open kitchen at Tunday kababi

ulte tawa parantha at Tunday kebabee lucknow Ulte Tawa Parantha



As I prepared to enter the restaurant I passed paranthas being prepared on inverted iron woks (ulta tawa), and biryani being dished out from huge cauldrons and of course the signature giant frying pans full of sizzling kababs. These sights are enough to induce hunger pangs in common mortals even if you have just fed yourselves, in a lessor mortal like myself they were enough to rage an ocean size hunger.



Mutton biryani at Tunday kebabee Lucknow Chicken Biryani


Famous and well heeled have eaten at Tunday kababi….

With the rich and famous at tunday kababee lucknow Wall of Fame at Tunday Kababee



The main seating area of the restaurant is preceded by a wall framed with photos of all high and mighty who have dined at Tunday’s and unsurprisingly the who’s who of Bollywood, politics and arts find a place amongst those who have broken bread at Tunday’s.


Food and service at Tunday Kababi


I visited Tunday kababi aminabad during peak lunch hours and found the service to be slightly below par. The food took a long time to come and the mutton korma that we ordered was so hard to bite that a replacement had to be ordered. As far as delayed service is concerned I can grant it to the establishment given the peak lunch hours they were handling, but the disaster with the mutton korma in an establishment of such repute is unpardonable.


Maybe it was a rare exception at Tunday’s or I got off the bed the wrong side whatever it was it left a sour after taste to the entire experience at Tunday kababi. Barring the korma disaster the food was as you would expect in an such an establishment. The kababs were excellent and the accompanying parantha crispy and caramelised, perfect pairing with the kababs. Even the mutton korma replacement was good, the mutton was juicy and well cooked and the gravy a rich symphony of caramelised onions and yoghurt.


The biryani at Tunday kababi is also a decent dish, not outstanding in any way and definitely not the jewel in the crown of the establishment. If you are visiting Tunday kababi in a group and can afford to experiment with variety then have the biryani too, infact pair it with their signature kababs after you have already enjoyed them with paranthas.



Mutton korma at Tunday kebebi lucknow Mutton korma



Menu at Tunday kababi

tunday kababi aminabad menu vast menu

Though the e menu at Tunday kababi is extensive and also includes some popular vegetarian dishes my advise is stick to the favourites which is mutton galouti kababs and paranthas and if you want to venture further then order a biryani. My advice is based on the assumption that you are in Lucknow and keen on sampling what else the city has to offer for both vegetarians and meat lovers, so stick to just what is good and time tested at Tunday kababi.


Location and how to reach…

Tunday kababi has two main branches in Lucknow, both in old section of the city. Both are recommended for an authentic galouti kabab experience. If you are keen on sampling buff kababs then head over to the chowk outlet.

For those not familiar with Lucknow the most convenient option would be to take an app based cab.

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